Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Truth column April 18-24

My Truth column April 18-24:

I’m confused but I don’t think it’s an early onset of Alzheimer’s.
In the 1960s, during the sexual revolution, the liberal left threw off the shackles of marriage, slamming it as a patriarchal device to suppress women, or for the less conspiratorially inclined, a meaningless piece of paper.
Former PM Helen Clark is rumoured to have fought capitulation to the bitter end, ceding only for the sake of her political prospects.
People started shacking up in droves. I was one. But I always intended to marry if children came along. And before the event, to boot.

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JC said...

I like the comparison but it still doesn't change the fact that for many Maori women it's economically *rational* to be a solo mum and wedded to the State.

Marriage is in direct competition with the State's wallet and its losing the battle in some socio-economic groups.

The only other major force that was able to make a moral argument against solo parenting as a choice was religion, but that plummeted as fast and harder than even marriage amongst those same groups.

At some point all Western govts are going to have to stop funding that which is beggaring them.