Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Pay your weight

What's the difference between carrying extra kilos in baggage and extra kilos on your person, except you get charged for the first? The economies of air travel are directly linked to weight carried and in an increasingly tight market I'd expect this policy to become more widespread. It will only take one major airline to adopt it, making them more attractive to most flyers, and the competition won't be able to afford not to. The NZ Herald is running a poll:

Is it fair to charge overweight passengers more to fly?

1500–1550 votes
Yes - it should be a policy on all airlines.
Maybe - but only a small fee.
No - it's discrimination.

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Hamish said...

This is a great example of bad policy being hard to change once it's through. I know I'll be using it to explain this flaw in overzealous government spending increases, and to illustrate why voting for the wrong party isn't just a 3 year mistake.