Monday, April 15, 2013

Parallel universes

Auckland Action Against Poverty has three activists and Sue Bradford appearing in court tomorrow on trespass charges after protesting last September against the latest welfare reform legislation. Sarah Thompson says:

“These reforms will see ordinary New Zealanders sanctioned, work tested, drug tested and work ability assessed,” says Ms Thompson.


Non-beneficiary "ordinary" New Zealanders also have to take available jobs, experience a cut in income if they don't, pass drug tests where required and negotiate with a medical person over their ability or otherwise to work. That's life. Why would they get outraged about beneficiaries having to live by the same rules?

These pro-welfare activists live in a parallel universe. Or using fashionable vernacular, live on planet-privilege. But that's unkind to the thousands of people on benefits who are not part and parcel of AAAP's particular culture. People who would just really love to have a job to go to tomorrow.

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