Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Truth Column March 14 -20

 My Truth column March 14 - 20

It was embarrassing listening to a woman bleating about the status of New Zealand females, their lack of representation on boards and experience of pay discrimination.  On International Women’s Day, March 8, 2013, I could find far, far more to celebrate than bitch about.



Mark Hubbard said...

Bookmarking this post Lindsay :)

I've had some run-ins with Marxist feminists, latterly, obsessed by how much privilege I have. I dared to mention perhaps they're so worried about my privilege, they were possibly not 'just getting on with it'. Also, on my client base, in a husband and wife farming team, the woman is normally the financial manager, and the two most profitable businesses, and the biggest employer, are both woman owned and managed.

Didn't help me though. They don't want to know :) And I've formed the opinion they're not only their own worst enemies, but the ones that reached out and touched me, were simply bloody awful individuals.

thor42 said...

Anyone who whines about "how badly-off NZ women are" needs to be dropped into Afghanistan. Let them see the girls who get acid sprayed in their faces for having the temerity to study. Women who (if they are allowed outside at all), can't go outside without having a man with them.

It is SO ridiculously easy to discredit anything that a leftie says that I'm finding that there is less and less fun in doing so.
It's like shooting fish in a barrel.

unsolicitedious said...

Fantastic piece Lindsay - I honestly couldn't agree more. In my experience there has always been a glutton of opportunities in NZ & the only difference between those who take advantage of them & those who don't is attitude, work ethic & character. Gender, race, sexuality (remember Chris Carter bleating on), religion, culture or demographic are irrelevant. And you are so right re men potentially having fewer options - mind you, what options for either side depends on whether they choose to have children. But isn't it great to have the choice.

@ Mark & Thor - spot on.