Monday, February 04, 2013

AAAP on contraception for beneficiaries

The Auckland Action Against Poverty group is all mouth and ... no trousers:
Low MSD uptake figures confirm that the contraception programme instigated as part of National’s welfare reforms is all about stigmatising woman on benefits, rather than any genuine kind of support, says Auckland Action Against Poverty spokesperson Sarah Thompson.
“This policy is simply another weapon in the war against women on benefits, implemented as a way of garnering the beneficiary bashing vote in time for the next election.
“It's a deep irony that the outright misogyny of recent welfare reforms, including this one, has been lead by two women- Paula Bennett and Paula Rebstock.

Can we also have a companion press release calling the offer of free vasectomies to male beneficiaries "war against men on benefits" and "misandry"?

“This blaming and shaming tactic can be seen in other proposed policies which attempt to paint beneficiaries as drug users and criminals who don't care for their children."

Thousands of beneficiaries are drug users and criminals. Whether they care for their children, who knows. And whether their idea of 'care' is the same as my idea of care is another point to ponder.


Andrei said...

I love how people are so eager to contrcept and sterilize people they don't approve of.

I guess it is because they don't know much history

Anonymous said...

I don't think its a case of sterlisation because of dislike - its simple economics.

The welfare solution is to have clear limits about entitlements, how many mistakes we will pay for, what level of drug use we will pay for, what level of child neglect we will tolerate and mean it.


Lindsay Mitchell said...

Andrei, I don't want to force anyone into non-reproductive behaviour so long as they don't force me into paying for the consequences. Quite different to what you allude to.

Andrei said...

I don't want to force anyone into non-reproductive behaviour so long as they don't force me into paying for the consequences.

Well Lindsay we have painted ourselves into a cultural cul de sac whereby nobody wants to be held responsible for their actions and expects the Government to give them all that they want and bail them out when necessary

We can't really contracept our way out of the mess that we have made.

People have to become adults but like that is going to happen

Johnny said...

I have been so often accused of beneficiary bashing, that tomorrow I might just go out and do something to match the accusations repeatedly levelled at me over recent years. So if you read in tomorrow's paper that someone on a benefit has had their head bashed in, you can come looking for me if you wish.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Johnny, You'll have to be less cryptic than that.