Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Child sponsorship in New Zealand

Variety has started up a scheme for New Zealanders to sponsor a New Zealand child. The money involved is the same as international sponsorship - $35 monthly.

I'm not going to write in criticism of the scheme. It's charitable and voluntary. Whether the need being met could be sorted differently, or whether meeting the need will just grow more of it are issues for consideration. But assuming donors have thought through these it's their prerogative to give.

But this is what I want to point out.

Variety chief executive Lorraine Taylor said donors could write to their sponsored child, receive regular updates about their health and wellbeing, and were provided with a breakdown at the end of the year detailing where their money went.
This is exactly why private charity trumps state aid. The charity has to be accountable, which in turn means the person receiving the donation has to be accountable. Real progress can be made.

So why not apply these principles to government assistance? Heavens no. Imagine the administrative costs, the invasion of privacy,  and the denial of human rights!

Imagine government having to report on the health and well-being of every individual child on a benefit. Some of the reports would be deeply disappointing and deeply disturbing. The donor would immediately withdraw or turn to a different charity with a better track record.

Oh but I forget. We are taxpayers, not willing donors. We must put up and shut up.

(Update. The Greens say, "We shouldn't need to sponsor kids in NZ". Their variety of caring and sharing must be monopolised by the state.)


PM of NZ said...

Something I can not get my head around is why such a scheme is required at all in NZ. We spray $zillions of taxpaypayer wedge into the bludgers on the dole, DPB, Working for Welfare, with top ups like accommodation allowances and grants for wheels, smartphones and flatscreen tellys.

No doubt the booze, tobacco and gambling barons are well fed from my taxpaying wallet, but still the left has manufactured a vote winning crisis around child poverty and the like.

Matthew said...

I've had debates about this in Christian circles. It's amazing how many Christians' views on this gel neatly with statist Leftoid ideology (or, at the other extreme, just an abdication of responsibility - "I pay enough in taxes, why should I give more?").
The truth is that the Christian obligation to help the poor is really about helping the donor. To give something away voluntarily means you really have to decide that you love your neighbour, then being more grateful for what you have, becoming less selfish etc etc. Involvement of the state distorts everything

Johnny said...

Why is National saying nothing along the lines of what a blog has to say? Why do the Greens interminably get a free ride? Why does National not regard the Greens as a real and growing opposition? Why are National so intent on going it alone? Why are National self-destructing?

Anonymous said...

I had a rental property in Porirua for 4 hard years. Thank goodness that capital gain made it worthwhile(ish). It hardened my heart quite a bit. I like to think I'm a sucker no longer and would not sponser any NZ children without direct and personal knowledge of their circumstances.


Viking said...

Stop importing uneducated and broke PI's etc , require Maori ti up their standards and problem fixed for most.