Saturday, December 29, 2012

When Masterton went dry

When there is no current news, perusing papers from the past is sometimes entertaining. The Truth had the best articles. Here's one about what happened when Masterton "entered into the land of Wowserdom".

People drank even more as secret bingeing occurred causing "absence from work...lying and deceit..."

"There is more now solid and systematic 'silent'  sosselling going on now than ever before in the history of the district."

The writer also describes the hypocrites who voted for the "no" licence status in order to line their own pockets through sly-grogging.

Charmingly written. And a lesson for today's prohibitionists.


Anonymous said...

Been dry 12 months today. Celebration in order as i guzzle my cranberry juice with little or no regard for the consequences.

As for truth stories of old.

One of my favourites from the sixities was when truth broke the scandalous story about a group of Upper Hutt housewives who did their housework in the nude. They were labeled "jaybirds" Every woman in upper Hutt was suspect.

As a sixteen year old it was all a great mystery to me.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

I'm pretty certain it wasn't my mum...she worked full time. Congratulations on holding your resolve Dirk. And keeping your sense of humour with it.