Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Truth column December 13

My December 13 Truth column is now on-line

I wish I knew if my sympathy for Brendan Horan, sacked NZ First MP, is warranted.
Anyone who has been dealt to by NZ First leader Winston Peters has my commiserations. 
The party is not referred to as ‘Winston First’ without good reason.
Saving his own skin is the name of the game.
But most of us aren’t privy to the details surrounding Horan’s family dispute so can only speculate on the injustice or otherwise of his dismissal from the party.


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Johnny said...

Wasn't his getting sacked a promotion for Horan?

Anonymous said...

It certainly amounts to a salary increase, given he'll no longer face NZ First with its hand out expecting sizable donations from each of its MPs.

It also makes him his own boss, answerable only to himself (oh, and the voters in two long years' time).

Nice work (valued at $140k-odd per year) if you can get it.

Paulus said...

I always thought that a person was innocent until judged guilty.
Have the police brought a prosecution ?
But of course Winston is above the law, and has still not repaid the $148,000 he stole from taxpayers.
Usual Peters Hypocrisy.