Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Labour creeps

I've never faithfully followed a virtual reality/elimination competition of the type that features a  few hand-picked wannabes stuck in a mansion, on an island or bound up  in some far-reaching global quest.

But isn't that what the Labour saga is resembling?

People who are under-talented and over-egoed figuring out which equally under/over endowed counterpart is their best stepping stone?


Anonymous said...

National creepier. And Bennett meaner with the social welfare dollar. Where is her heart? Pulling up the ladder behind her. People in abject poverty thanks to Key and co.

Allan said...

Dont talk such crap anonymous. Get your head out of your butt and smell the roses. There is no real poverty in NZ like that of 3rd world countries. The welfare system in NZ is over generous and generates more welfare cases. Perhaps if they made it even harder and stopped paying people to breed we may halt the rapid increase in beneficiaries because people would then have to take responsibility for their actions rather than the Government paying for their irresponsible actions and life style.

Brian Marshall said...

Anonymous, you might like to read Lindsay's Truth article in this weeks edition. Go on and open your mind instead of just trolling. Your entire comment is a personal attack with no rational arguments.

Lindsay, I love "Survivor". But in survivor, at least we know that in the game they are trying to screw over each other and not the public.

Anonymous said...

Seems you only like serious discussion if the discourse is in agreement with you, Brian Marshall. My comment was not a personal attack at all, simply an observation upon the tighter-fisted and less empathetic National government.

There are not enough jobs to go around and the gap between super rich and dirt poor is very quickly widening. I don't believe this was trolling at all.