Wednesday, November 21, 2012

IT contractor for teacher payroll can now talk

Adages are derived from eons of experience. Here's a topical example:

There are two sides to every story

The IT company that was contracted to pay the teachers can now speak out. Summarising, the problems seem to stem from school's unwillingness to embrace on-line technology.

I recently worked on a survey project which asked for on-line responses but a large number of respondents submitted in hand-writing via fax or scanned attachments. Accommodating the handwritten submissions was a time-consuming and unsatisfactory process. So I can sympathise with the staff at Talent2 and the backlog resulting from handling large amounts of unnecessary paperwork and labouring over illegible handwriting.

Most of the information required from  school administrators would be numerical. Deciphering handwritten numbers can be a nightmare. As I have discovered.

Perhaps the teachers should have individually been asked to log-in their details. They would have been highly motivated to get it right.


Paulus said...

In all computer entries no matter who punches the keys - if you put garbage in you will get garbage out.
It is suggested, with horror, that the school wages clerk's skills are not up to the system.

S.Beast said...

They have always been able to speak, but have refused to do so until now.

This doesn't sound like a handwriting issue, it sounds to me like a $30 million dollar lemon.

I don't see why each school didn't just get their own payroll? Why is it necessary to have an expensive national one?