Sunday, November 25, 2012

Another blinder from Rodney Hide

Compelling reading:

... if we really cared about the lives of children we would put an end to the sponsoring of irresponsible parenthood. We once thought that welfare was the foundation of a compassionate society. It's not. Our horrible child abuse statistics prove that.


thor42 said...

*Outstanding* column by Rodney.
It is to this country's eternal shame that governments - ALL governments - care far less about children than they do about "perception" and being elected.
"Perception" meaning that if they did what Rodney suggests, they would indeed be perceived - wrongly - as "beneficiary bashers".

Child abuse will NEVER be eliminated in NZ.
Why? Because there will never be a government with the balls to do what must be done - end the sponsorship of abusive parents.

Rick said...

It was good, and good to have someone saying it. Women, mothers, get away with too much when it comes to reporting.

And never mind about the harm done by mothers to their kids that is not instantly fatal.