Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Baby 4,444,444

Tomorrow New Zealand's 4,444,444th citizen is likely to be a new born baby according to Statistics NZ.

According to population estimates, on 1 November, somebody will become New Zealand’s 4,444,444th resident.
“While the new resident could be a New Zealander flying home after living overseas, or a new migrant, they’re most likely to be a new baby, as that’s where most of our population growth is coming from,” population statistics manager Andrea Blackburn said.
“And who knows? That new boy or girl might even be born at 4.44 in the morning.”
The symmetrical milestone matches one the Australian state of Queensland reached three years ago, and puts our population very close to that of Ireland or Croatia, Mrs Blackburn said.
“These types of landmarks are quite rare. Our population hit 3,333,333 in the mid-1980s and based on our projections, we probably won’t get to 5,555,555 for another 30 years.

On the balance of probabilities I won't see it. Seems to me the country could benefit greatly from faster and smarter population growth.

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FF said...

When will any Western country see both 'faster and smarter' population growth again? Faster sure , but not smarter.