Friday, May 11, 2012

Two snippets

Two snippets noticed today:

Stories of children scavenging through pig slops and downing entire bottles of antibiotics out of hunger are an "embarrassment to the country" says a Kaitaia GP.
Doctor Lance O'Sullivan said he had been doing what he could to fight the effects of child-poverty in his region but it sometimes felt like an uphill battle.

It is a human right's violation to tell poor people they can't have children.”
- Susan Fraser (Crofton Downs)


Kiwiwit said...

As you have said many times in your blogs, parental responsibility and employment are the primary factors affecting the outcomes for children, not poverty per se. I have some sympathy for the people of Northland in that the Socialist policies of successive governments have ensured such regions are incapable of attracting investment and jobs, but I am sure the policies Lance O'Sullivan advocates (and a Google search soon reveals his political agenda) will only make things worse.

As for Susan Fraser's comment, it is also a human rights violation to forcibly take money from struggling families to support the children of other people who choose not to control their reproductive functions. Such people want their cake and eat it too - they don't mind the taxpayer being their provider and can't understand why the taxpayer might want them to control their breeding.

S. Beast said...

I have a community services card that means I can get a $3 script for contriception. All beneficaries will have the same entitlement.

Does the government think that $3 is to big an ask?

Not for the first time on the comments in this blog I suggest this is a policy that makes the government look like it is doing something to combat welfare dependancy rather than actually making a difference.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

And out of the slops bucket they dug the great half caste saviour of the North, Hone Harawira.

Last time I spoke to Lance O'Sullivan he was ridng winners, not backing losers.