Monday, May 28, 2012

"Awaiting moderation" on Frogblog

Green MP Holly Walker wants to end child poverty in two terms by arriving at a parliamentary accord about the matter. As my subject today was the number of babies born last year relying on welfare by year-end contributing substantially to the child poverty problem, this afternoon I posted the following comment. It has been "awaiting moderation" ever since (now 9:10pm). I don't know why both Frogblog and Red Alert do this to my comments. I am never rude or abusive.
I released statistics today that show that 22 percent of babies born last year were dependent on a benefit by year-end. This isn’t an aberrant stat. Through good times and bad between one in four and one in five children is added to a new or existing benefit at or shortly after their birth. You won’t solve ‘child poverty’ without reducing this pattern of behaviour.

(BTW, who is Photonz1 who consistently puts up arguments against Green positions? Be nice to know.)


Mark Hubbard said...

Because both those blogs are unprofessional in their conduct: that, and like their politics, they just can't survive in the glare of reality, so they'd rather keep the blinds down and live in a fantasy world. That's why their politics are so dangerous.

Anonymous said...

if you register on frogblog you wont go into moderation


Anonymous said...

I am never rude or abusive.

Lindsay, you must by now leftists consider any opposition to welfare, to discipline, or any reliance on personal responsibility both the height of rudeness and child abuse.

Put the Green in government and you'll be on a different kind of register!

thor42 said...

Oh dear. Holly Walker.
Yet another of those naive, bright-eyed, sanctimonious types who comes into Parliament determined to "change the world" in a couple of terms.

I have news for her (and for every leftwinger like her). There is no such thing as "poverty" in New Zealand. How do I know this? Easy. How can there be "poverty" when employers struggle to fill even unskilled labouring jobs? When no-hopers get sent to a job by WINZ, manage to hang on for a couple of days, then ***deliberately get themselves sacked*** so they can go back onto the dole.

If the dole and other benefits are so hard to live on, then why would they do that?
Why aren't beneficiaries lining up around the block to take those labouring jobs so they can get off the "oh so hard to live on" benefit?

Answer THAT for me, Holly Walker.

The harsh and unPC reality is that we now have a massive **unemployable** underclass in NZ.
An underclass that cannot and does not want to work. The losers in that group will go out of their way to stay on their benefits, thereby sabotaging Walker's grand plans before they even get out of the hangar, let alone off the ground.

thor42 said...

On the awaiting moderation" thing - it reminds me of Henry Ford saying of his cars "you can have any colour as long as it's black."

Along similar lines, it would be fair to say that on blogs like FrogBlog and Red Alert (sneer), "you can say anything you want, as long as your comments agree with Green or Labour policy."

One thing I will say for Chris Trotter and his blog - although I disagree with his views, he usually allows dissenting comments on his blog.
FrogBlog and Red Alert could learn from him.