Tuesday, May 08, 2012

82% say "YES"

A Campbell Live poll just announced the following result:

"Is it a good idea for beneficiaries to be given free long-acting contraceptives?"

YES - 82 percent

Paula Bennett was more genuine and convincing than Meteria Turei who was undone by opposing for the sake of it.


Andrei said...

So the people who watch Campbell Live and vote in his polls are morons.

Whats news

dad4justice said...

Only a drongo would watch Campbell. Are kiwi's that thick?

God help this unwell land.

James said...

Hark at the two soul-socialists above....;-)

On he same side as Comrade Sue on this matter boys?

Laugh on....lol.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight. Libtard types are lauding a new GOVERNMENT PROGRAM to buy condoms and pills for the underclass ?

And these fruitcakes think that this will make one smeg of difference ? And that the underclass will "breed" less? And only then will the lib fruitcakes get to keep more of their own money ?

Dream on.