Monday, March 05, 2012

Welfare reforms in children's interest

The New Zealand Herald  today published my response to a column by Susan St John, spokesperson for the Child Poverty Action Group.


Mark Hubbard said...

Well argued, considered piece, Lindsay. And I love you're using the freedom of choice principle to underpin your thought.

The more of this that can be put into the MSM, and perhaps politicians will finally find the courage to start turning things around. (Not a big chance, but it's better than nothing).

If nothing else, it's important the Statist argument for more State to fix all the problems caused by the State in our lives, is balanced out by commentators, such as yourself, giving the argument from those who care, and want a free, civilised society, where the young are loved, by parents equipped to care for them.

Anonymous said...

Will Paula Bennettee listen though? Or just more of the same wacky PCness and parent-focused (protective, no jail) policies?