Saturday, March 17, 2012

Porirua Mayor to eradicate child poverty

Good luck with that. No central government in the western world has achieved it. From today's Dominion Post:

"Porirua Mayor Nick Leggett has hit out at Government suggestions that councils should stick to core services such as sewage , roads and libraries. Porirua City Council's plan, which outlines spending for the next ten years includes a vision of a poverty-free city, and Mr Leggett insists it has a "moral obligation" to stamp out child poverty."

A "moral obligation" no less. You, the ratepayer, have a moral obligation to ensure that other people's children are free from poverty. It's not enough that central government imposes this fatuous claim on you, he wants to duplicate it. On the upside, when the imposition becomes so localised you find yourself having to share your wages with the large family next door the absurdity and outrageousness of the proposition becomes evident.

And what motivates Mr Leggett?

"The Inside Child Poverty: A Special Report documentary which screened on television last year, spurred Mr Leggett's vision for the council to step up."

Influenced by sensationalist propaganda which I wrote about here and here.

Porirua ratepayers will no doubt be delighted with this news.


thor42 said...

Gawd.... what a BS artist this Leggett guy is. He has got NO SHOW.
Why? Because the people that he will be targeting don't want to help themselves.

Those on benefits *insist* on having large families when they are the people least able to care for them (given their low incomes). They also tend to have non-existent budgeting skills.

Leggett will become known as King Canute the Second.

Anonymous said...

Is Sir Ken Douglas still on the council? A die-hard socialist like that might explain things a bit

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Actually Peter, I heard him reported on radio the other day as advocating selling off Porirua's social housing saying it was a function of central govt. Surprised me.

DigiSlidz said...

Another reason to soak the rich suburbs of Porirua City. The council does not understand wants and needs. I agree he is shoveling the proverbial uphill with a barbed wire rake.

FF said...

In order to stamp out child poverty, we need to stamp out adult stupidity first.

Jonathan Swift said...

Nothing easier than to prevent the children of poor people from being a burden on their parents or country, and for making them beneficial to the public"

Just build a wall around Porirua & South Auckland.

Ofter say $1000 bounty on the head of every kid on a benefit.

Hell, Americans would pay to come here & help eradicate the problem!