Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Attitude to welfare changing

"The margins of difference between the main parties is shrinking all the time and their attitude to welfare is one of them."
After Labour leader David Shearer's intimations that the party he leads will take a tougher line on welfare than his predecessors, this quote could easily be about New Zealand.

It is actually from the general secretary of Public and Commercial Services union in the Britain.

At last, support for the sanctity of social security is abating, and the proof of this in political parties sniffing the change.


thor42 said...

Excellent to see.

I guess that, as always, the proof will be in the pudding. If Labour get in in the 2014 election, will they keep the welfare reforms intact? They would be *crazy* to even think of dismantling them.
They need only think of how badly they got burnt with their stupid policy of extending WFF to beneficiaries. Voters will not forget that.

Anonymous said...

welfare reform? what welfare reform?

Key is presiding over NZ's largest welfare bill ever

We need real reform: cancel benefits, health & education spending.