Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sole mum actually receiving equivalent of $43,000 salary

I listened to a couple of parliamentary questions asked today by the Greens and Labour relating to the fuss they are making over a sole mother of two on the DPB turning (almost) to prostitution to pay her study fees (false advertising perhaps?) But that's not all that was false.

Chester Burrows was answering on behalf of Paula Bennett. It was dull and silly. The new Green MP couldn't form her supplementaries in the required form. Fair enough. She is  new. But if she is going to spend her salary flying the protester in question down to Wellington to talk to the media she really needs to have the story straight. According to Burrows, figures in the NZ Herald about the beneficiary's potential subsidies were misrepresented and she is receiving the equivalent of a $43,000 salary from the taxpayer.

The transcript is now available:

 Ms Wysocki was quoted in an article from the New Zealand Herald, and the subsidies available to Ms Wysocki are not those quoted in the New Zealand Herald. The reporter was given an indication of those subsidies orally; he chose not to write them. It is important to note that Ms Wysocki receives the equivalent of a salary of $43,000 a year plus her entitlement to 20 hours’ early childhood education. I think most New Zealanders would find that an equivalent salary of $43,000 is sufficient, or at least reasonable.

Golly, these whingers really need to get a grip. Lots of people would like to study for an alternative career but can't manage it for whatever reason. Don't try holding the taxpayer to ransom because you are on a benefit. Especially when the assistance you already receive is way over that which many receive from a paid job.

What began as a discretionary emergency safety net in 1968 is now expected to furnish all manner of demands.


Anonymous said...

Amazing. And on top of that the dream job she is training for usually pays a pittance because there are so many keen young women that want to be veterinary nurses. If she can't get by now how on earth is she going to manage if she completes her training and then takes a drop in salary for a full time job?

The daft greens should have been tryking to talk sense to her rather than championing a cul de sac.


Anonymous said...

When I read the article - it also didn't deal with the children.

It said she had her first child with her husband 5 years ago, and they split 2 years ago. So that child would be at school.

Then they said that she had 2 pre-schoolers??? presumably after she and her husband split? They said she didn't get her child support from him - but is taht for all 3? Someone else not paying?

3 kids in 5 years? and on a benefit? seems normal process!

pdm said...

I heard a woman on NewstalkZB about an hour ago who said she was re educating herself and her husband was a `stay at home dad'. I said to mrs pdm straight away - where is there income coming from. Danny Watson did not ask that question.