Thursday, April 29, 2010

A laugh amidst the oppressive government gloom

Good Lord. I need to get on with other stuff but I just spotted this;

. . . I have a fundamental belief that governments should leave people alone, and that the role of the state should be relatively small, and that the state should not be in you life more than it needs to be.

New Zealanders have this natural aversion to being told what to do by governments, both local and central, and I’m pretty much in that camp.

Who said it?


bez said...

Well, you may laugh about it, I thinks it's a pretty sad sign of how far politicians have sunk.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

What, in terms of self deception?

Anonymous said...

I think the hapless Simon Power said this. He apparently has little perception of liberty.


Anonymous said...

They talk the talk, but don't walk the walk. It makes me want to cry.


PS my 'word verification' word is 'shheap'.

And that's how we are treated. Like sheep.

bez said...

Self deception is a friendly way of putting it.

Anonymous said...

It is clear now what Neville Key's election strategy was (and will be for 2011), it is "tell them what they want to hear".

National are simply unrecognisable from the party we elected.

Anonymous said...

This is complete crap. The full figures show that smoking saves taxpayers money: smokers die sooner, so costing less in hospitals, and crucially, in benefits.

Campaigning against smoking, especially bludger smoking, is just taking money away from productive hard-working kiwis and giving it to labour voting lefty bludgers. A bad idea all round.