Thursday, March 04, 2010

Update on Tom

Thank you to the well-wishers. Tom is making good progress and thoroughly enjoying all the tea and sympathy. He can never get enough attention this one. As long as he keeps the leg dry and no infection sets in he should be able to bring it home with him again after tomorrow's inspection under anaesthetic.


KG said...

Great news! Now he'll have some war wounds to boast about to the kittens.

rsw37 said...

Really glad that he's ok! Poor wee thing

Anonymous said...

A most unfortunate photograph. I cringe to think whats been done to poor old Tom!


sean14 said...


As much as I enjoy your thought-provoking posts, I just love the ones about your animals.

Great to hear that Tom is doing well, what a tough nut!

Cheers, Sean.