Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Poke him with a stick

Kurariki Bailey is a very disturbed, and potentially dangerous young man. He is comparable to a maltreated cur, but the media pokes him with a stick and then cries foul when he reacts.

He has legal restrictions laid on him. Its about time some were laid on the media. Our fleeting titillation is not worth the further wreckage of his and anybody else's lives.

I know I am supposed to be outraged at the ongoing refusal of Bailey to fit back nicely into society, but it is the press, and other talker-stalkers that really raise my ire.


Anonymous said...

So true, Lindsay, so true.

Something I haven't seen anyone comment on yet is the Press, including the HoS, continually fighting suppression orders, but in this case are hiding the identities of the women concerned.

Double standards, anyone?

Anonymous said...

What about poking him with a very sharp knife instead of a stick? Much easier on the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

This young sociopath is going to feed the grist mill for years to come.

I understand this young thug has several full time state funded minders at his beck and call 24/7. He does not work and lacks for nothing other than our understanding.


James said...

I had first hand experience of BJ when he was 12...only months before he was involved in that murder.He really was an angel faced little scumbag who was known by the Papakura police as someone they were just waiting to tick over the line when he could be charged as an adult....but he jumped the gun.