Friday, February 12, 2010

Whose stupid idea was this?

Depriving prisoners of the right to vote is a pointless waste of time. I'd like to know whose idea it was. Paul Quinn's? Or is he being used to front the bill because he is Maori and it will be predominantly Maori who are affected? Being a Hutt South candidate I attended every meeting Quinn spoke at and can't remember him ever raising this issue (but it is entirely possible that is just a failure of my memory.)

Why make a distinction of 'in prison' anyway? What about people serving home detention or community sentences? They have also committed a crime. Having said that the current criteria of disenfranchisement if the sentence being served is longer than three years is also completely arbitrary.

And who is going to be politically disadvantaged by losing 5 ot 6 thousand votes? Perhaps the Aoteoroa Legalise Cannabis Party might take a hit:-) But seriously, spending bucketloads of parliamentary time and taxpayer money on this bill is just absurd.


Anonymous said...

Hi lindsay,

Don't often agree with you, but spot on here. Its another of the "I'm tougher on crime than you" stances thatachieves nought in punishment, rehabilitation or reintegration.

Nope, I'm not going granny bashing anymore, I might lose the vote.

Anonymous said...

spending bucketloads of parliamentary time and taxpayer money on this bill is just absurd.

Well yes. But I think we should be constructive: I'm sure Key would appreciate that. All that needs to happen is for ACT to move a simple amendment, and for National to support it:

Section 80(1)(d) is amended by omitting subparagraph (iii) and substituting the following subparagraphs:
“(iii) receipt of any state benefit or welfare payment, incuding National Superannuation;
(iii.a) receipt of any income derived from taxpayer revenues, including (but not limited to) employment in the core public service, by any crown ministry or department, board, school, pre-school, wananga, polytechnic, university, medical clinic, hospital - but excluding sworn members of the police and the armed forces.
(iii.b) current or past membership of any trades association, trades union, or any other such body
(iii.c) current or past membership of the New Zealand Labour Party, the New Zealand Green Party, The Socialist Workers Party of New Zealand, the New Labour Party, the ALliance Party, the Values Party, the New Zealand First Party, or any other party that may from time to time be proscribed by the chair of the productivity commission."


Section 81(1) is amended by omitting paragraph (c) and substituting the following paragraph:
“(c) indicating that the provisions of section 80(1)(d) apply to that person.”

There. DONE. I am - once again - amazed how simple it could be for a government who really cared about NZ's future to make the changes necessary.

Anonymous said...

The bloke next door is having new wiring done in his home. Its being done by a person on home detention who is permitted to leave his cell so he can earn a living.

The mind boggles.....

Ive asked for a quote for the outside shed...


KG said...

"There. DONE. I am - once again - amazed how simple it could be for a government who really cared about NZ's future to make the changes necessary."

I'm amazed at how simple it would be to get rid of maniacs such as you--how about an amendment making it legal to deposit 20gm of lead behind you left ear at 2000fps?

You're a tiresome little prat who obviously has never made the effort to analyse the way societies function and while your simplistic, maniacal "solutions" may have once had some entertainment value at least, the same joke repeated ad nauseum gets wearying.

Anonymous said...

Surely it is better for the guy to have limited time away from home to earn his living than to have him at home a burden on the taxpaper.
I see the bill as a pointless waste of parliamentary time. jcuknz

Mark said...

Have to agree, I don't think carrer criminals ever bother to vote anyway.

Anonymous said...

Off on a tangent

Was talking to a friend of mine today who is a practising health professional who works from home in Albert Street Palmerston North.

He informed me that since the furore of the convicted porno dude hit the headlines earlier in the week people have been looking at him askance.

He has taken to wearing short pants, no socks and shirts sans sleaves so people can see he aint got no electronic tag.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure someone will deal with the Porno dude soon enough.