Monday, November 02, 2009

SubStandard comment

I tend to avoid The Standard because they produce substandard comment based on misinformation. Having a crack at English's aims to tighten up on the sickness and invalid benefits they say;

"There isn’t a ‘blow-out’ in the numbers on the Invalids’ either, it’s increasing just a touch above population growth due to the fact the population is aging (most people on the Invalids’ benefit are older – 72% over 40, 35% over 55)."

1999 40+ population = 1,544,000
2008 40+ population = 1,904,000

23.3 % increase

1999 Invalid's benefit = 51,284
2008 Invalid's benefit = 82,879

61.6% increase

Hardly "just a touch".

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Anonymous said...

You do well avoiding the (Sub)Standard. Its contributors are all sicophants and dimwits.