Friday, November 20, 2009

Breathtaking arrogance and appalling bias

The Children's Commissioner is telling people to boycott the March for Democracy, to be held in Auckland tomorrow.

An indicator of the level of his arrogance is that he doesn't realise his decree will actually have the opposite effect to what he wants to achieve. He actually believes that the people will do as they are told if he speaks out. Why? What especial wisdom and beneficence does Mr Angus possess beyond mere parents?

I like Bob McCoskrie's response;

“If the existence of the office of the Children’s Commissioner was put to the democratic vote, it would be gone by lunchtime,” says Mr McCoskrie.

It gets worse. I have only just gone to the second page of the Herald article where I see the march has been described as;

March start: Queen St/Fort St corner, 1.30pm.
Transport: Free buses from noon from Constellation Drive park and ride (North Shore), Campbell Cres entrance to Alexandra Park and along Tamaki Drive.
Songs and speeches: Outside Town Hall, about 2.30pm.
Event ends: About 3pm. Free buses from Britomart from 3.30pm.

This is appalling bias on the part of the NZ Herald.

Update; The Herald pulled the description. It hadn't been my imagination though. I rang talkback to express my anger at the Herald for such an explicitly biased moniker and the host had seen the same piece and had a similar reaction.


Redbaiter said...

See also the Herald writer Simon Collins has perverted the name of the March to "The Right To Hit".

This is not objective reporting. It is advocacy, and as always with the Herald, a den of yellow backed Progressive propagandists posing as journalists, its an attack on traditional values.

"Journalists" have been indoctrinated by left wing university lecturers and mistakenly think their role is to change society rather than to report objectively.

The mainstream media/ government/ academia power bloc must be broken.

Don't buy the Herald. Don't advertise in it. Don't buy anything advertised in it. Send the scum broke and put Simon Collins in the unemployment line.

Bankruptcy may be the only event that will cause them to understand how much they're pissing their potential customer base off, but I really doubt they will ever get it.

baxter said...

An unnecessary bureaucratic bludger. His view should count for little.

Anonymous said...

The Herald is so biased, it'ss not funny. No wonder it's losing custom, revenue and the majority of common sense Kiwis. I won't buy it either, except to use for wrapping the rubbish in.

Lindsay said...

The Herald has since amended the on-line version. Does anybody know if the hard copy contained the offending line?

democracymum said...

Hi Lindsay

You "beat" me to it! I have just made a similar comment over at

Shane Pleasance said...

Arrogance, bias, and now cowardly.