Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Thicker than sheep

There are times when my fellow citizens fill me with despair, such is their blind faith in regulation.

The Herald is running a poll;

Should you need a licence to own a dog?

FFS NO. What difference would it make to those who 'own' dangerous animals?

If they don't register them why would they bother with a licence?

The only effect would be to penalise the many animal lovers who take better care of their pets than some people take of their children.

Oh...the result.

82 percent say YES.


Update; The poll has mercifully reversed. The 'baas' now form a minority. That is encouraging.


Lucia Maria said...

Yep. Licences and rules solve every problem. Not.

But do you know, most people are sheep. They need real leaders that take them in the right direction. Otherwise, this sort of thing happens.

Anonymous said...

We should move toward the licencing of parents viz a viz having children first.

Anonymous said...

muppets - all of them (well 82%). Like the Firearm's thing. Everytime some nutter shoots the place up, teh crazies scream bloody outrage and demand Firearms laws are tightened. Why? Won't really prevent nutters from, wait for it, IGNORING THE LAW. Meanwhile, good old Joe Public, that law-abiding citizen is burdened with yet another ill-founded piece of red tape.

Target those who break the law. OR need Folic acid, or whatever.

Leave us alone. Life in NZ is hard enough as it is.


KG said...

Face it--most people want to be told what to do. Reminds me of a very funny greeting card I once gave a Kiwi friend:
The picture on the card was of a whole bunch of sheep, milling around at a (sheep) party, drinks in hand and a dog was coming through the door. One sheep was saying to another "thank God, the sheepdog's arrived".
He was pretty offended by the card and couldn't see why I found it so funny...

muz said...

Dog registration is one more imposition on law abiding citizens who comply and pay the idiotic tax most of which is used to administer the system. Why dont cats have to be registered, they cause enormous damage to bird life, spread disease, annoy neighbors as they don't shit at home. Canarys and budgies etc again disease. Rabbits and guinea pigs what disgusting messages they offer the young with their insatiable appetite for procreation. While the bile is issuing I am sick to death of signs saying "no dogs" when I am still searching for a dog with sufficient language skills to understand the sign. Further to this rant why do DOC have such a stupid (mostly) blanket ban on dogs in national parks when any idiot can set up camp, leave glass and other litter, shit and loo paper when most responsible dog owners barely leave any evidence of their occupation.

Anonymous said...

Criminals are criminals because they won't follow the law - making more laws makes criminals follow them how?



Shane Pleasance said...

I feel the result is a good one in the end. Restored my faith a little.