Thursday, August 27, 2009

Offending Mr Key might be a winner

Another of National's big ideas? Subsidised holiday programmes for poor kids. A week in a lifetime. It's hard to get excited about. Unless you are Mr Key who is "personally offended that many children could not go to holiday programmes because their parents could not afford them."

Gee whiz. How come he isn't personally offended that special needs children are losing their caregivers because their parents can't afford them, that superannuitants are losing their treasured night classes because they can't afford them, that beneficiaries are losing their access to training schemes because they can't afford them?

I was beginning to think it was almost impossible to get a handle on what National is doing. Cutting spending one day, increasing it the next; counselling belt-tightening one day and splashing out the next.

But it is becoming more clear. Resources are being channelled into whatever personally offends Mr Key.


Buggerlugs said...

Add to that no funding for gifted kids' programmes (the ones who do their schoolwork, don't cause trouble, and will hopefully become the major wealth creators and innovators of the future) and you can see why they really are just Labour-lite.
Any potential these silly new programmes have will not be measurable for at least a decade. Stupid stupid stupid.

Anonymous said...

As a kid, vacation, was the summer off at home. I remember two vacations away from home as child. Otherwise it was staying home and enjoying the summer. Why do kids now have to go elsewhere?

Lindsay said...

Anon, I couldn't wait to get away from the herd mentality of school. Going on a holiday programme would be the last thing on my wish list.