Friday, August 28, 2009

Geoffrey might stay

This is Geoffrey. Named by Robert. He's almost three weeks old. That's if he is a he. He may be a she. Not wanting to over-handle him I haven't really determined his or her status. But Geoffrey is the one who always comes to the door of the box when he hears someone call. And Geoffrey I think he or she will stay for life. Geoffrey is a big clue that Dad was black. His siblings all have markings that relate to their mother and grandmother. They walk on very shaky legs, have tele-tubby tummies and seem altogether satisfied with the way life is unfolding. Our Huntaway, Girl, has taken to sleeping at the door of the box. Being an unspeyed female I think her mothering instincts are quite aroused. David is equally soppy about them.


brian_smaller said...

Sexing kittens is easy - once you have done it about a hundred times. I only ever had one kitten that I couldn't determine sex of at birth (or for some time afterwards for that matter). Named it Georgina.

MY said...

Geoffrey stays!

Anonymous said...

You're now a confirmed ailurophile.

Anonymous said...

To save you the trouble!

n. One who loves cats.
[Greek ailouros, cat + -phile.]



Lucy said...

So very very cute! All of them.

Anonymous said...

Another sucker for "babies". I should know, having once had 4 adorable cute kittens who grew into distainful, aloof, fussy, fur-balling, hissing, heaving great ingrates who ruled my life for 18 years. Now I have more sense and own a proper pet; a dog.
Good luck. Best.