Friday, August 07, 2009

Free speech petition?

A petition, sparked by the actions of Paula Bennett, has been set up as per the following;

It is all about free speech apparently.

I am very much for free speech. What I am not for is free lies, or free half-truths.

If the Minister had released information that did not pertain directly and only to that already released by the protester I would also be up in arms. As it stands there is already enough legislated protection of privacy so I do not feel a need to add my signature.


Lucy said...

If you choose to go public with 'selective' information you shouldnt winge and moan when the full facts are disclosed. A pox on this petition.

Anonymous said...

How about another "Free Speech" petition?

That all beneficiaries and civil servants and unionists and Labour party members names, addresses, salaries, tax rebates, benefits, etc, be placed on a publicly available website for all to see

Sounds free and fair to me!