Wednesday, July 08, 2009

There is nothing feminine about netball nutters

This has got to be a joke;

A Palmerston North netball team that wears shorts instead of skirts is embroiled in a stoush with the sport's administrators after it was told to fall back into the feminine line.

Feminine?? Anyone with any experience of netball coaches and administrators will know they are the most bureaucratic battleaxe butch bitches about. On any scale of reasonableness they are absent. Because they stopped growing vertically but kept on going horizontally their subsequent inability to foot it with the players leads to a deep-seated inadequacy vented through raging authoritarianism. Out of control tubs of testosterone.

And the ridiculous incongruity of their insistence on addressing each other as "ladies" at all times - even little girls on the receiving end of a strident barking are "LADIES". They exhibit a fascinating and appalling combination of militarism and political feminism. Netball Nazis. Utter nutters.


Anonymous said...


Have you been to ChCh Netball courts and had tea with these "ladies"?

You have pegged them to a tea.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Wonderful stuff!!!!!!!!!!

Sus said...

It's not often I find myself in agreement with AF but YES! And YES again! Real old battleaxes -- and either rotund or mannishly ultra-skinny. Senses of humour definitely not allowed.

Never struck those types in hockey circles, though.

Anonymous said...

Well said Lindsay, great wording.

See, Redbaiter's writing style is beginning to rub off on you !

Shane Pleasance said...

I was at my first ever netball match this past weekend - Steel vs some Aussie team. There were too many forward passes for my liking.

Lindsay, you seem spot on with your description. They were also a little feral - certainly some of the spectators. The smell of testosterone was so strong it made my beard grow almost as much as the goal defenses.

Anonymous said...

WOW how one sided are you?! I think that is unfair to generalise like that.

luggage79 said...

Erm...your previous post was "Regular readers of this blog will know that in the league of blogosphere rudeness mine just doesn't rate."

I guess you jus changed that..."bureaucratic battleaxe butch bitches" is a bit harsh don't you think? Not trying to grind the feminist axe here, but using butch as a swearword isn't exactly the right tone...let them be butch!

KG said...

A fine rant!

Children of Fiji said...

hmm perhaps clear direction on 'Dress Code' guidelines would solve the problem. Just can't help think - if we were to revert this scenario a rugby 'would the men want to wear ALL BLACK SKIRTS??? LOL..

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