Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Not another compulsion, please

Booster seats until the age of 12?

I still use one. It's called a cushion.

When I was flying, the club had an L-shaped booster seat which shorter trainees and pilots frequently used. The panel of a Cessna 172 is very high.

Sure kids could benefit from staying in booster seats for longer. But please, not another compulsion. A little bit of persuasion of parents, who can in turn persuade their short children of the merits (they do like being comfortably able to see out of the window, especially on long trips) would go a long way.

Just make a plain, very comfortable, foam rubber booster seat a common optional extra in a vehicle and it won't be long before the kids are fighting over it.


Shane Pleasance said...

Compulsions can have a good effect. They drove me to the point of taking action - in fact it was Sue Bradford specifically that for me was the final straw. I started actually thinking for myself.

Bravo Bradford - bravo Nanny! You drive us ever closer to the only possible outcome...

Lucia Maria said...


So, that means that parents would have to buy extra booster seats in order to pick up kid's friends after school. And keep them in the boot, just in case.

My 12yo is currently 164cm (and not in a booster) and my 8yo is 136cm and still has a booster. Sometime before the 8yo turns 10 he's going to be the minimum height of 148cm, and by the time he's 11, he's going to be far too big for a booster seat if his brother is anything to go by.

So it's easier to do it by age than height! Easier for whom?

Sus said...

Come on up to Sth Auckland, Lindsay. Squillions of littlies in cars, with nary a carseat, let alone a booster for older kids, to be seen ...

And let's ban hand-held cellphones, too, while we're at it!

Never mind enforcing any existing laws, eh. :/