Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Abortions down - why?

Stuff reports;

The drop in abortions performed in New Zealand probably indicates people are being more careful but more research is needed, the Abortion Law Reform Association (Alranz) says.

According to Statistics New Zealand figures released today, 17,940 induced abortions were performed in the year ending December 2008, down 440 (2.4 per cent) from the 2007 year.

"I'm hopeful that what it means is there's better use of contraception, better sex education and people are being more careful. But without research, one cannot really say that," Alranz president Dr Margaret Sparrow said.

(Assuming the miscarriage rate is steady) there were more pregnancies in 2008. Perhaps more were intentional. We simply don't know. But the fact that there were more pregnancies casts doubt on Margaret Sparrow's speculation about "better use of contraception, better sex education and people are being more careful."

For whatever reason more people decided to give birth rather than have an abortion.

I believe the most significant factor driving the current baby boom (across western nations) is fashion. Then policies like paid parental leave and baby bonuses. Then growing unemployment and the security of a benefit. But like Sparrow, I am only speculating.


baxter said...

D.P.B...........The increase will probably track the reduction. Both will follow even starker diverging paths while the recession and the benefits remain.

Anonymous said...

Think about this. Its an interesting correlation and is founded on nothing except my warped sense of association of events,but it may well be right.
The sun has been without sunspots now for nigh on 700 days. In that 700 days the number of babies has increased in NZ, Aust. Usa and possibly others.
Now we know that autumn is a time that sets nature on the nurture path so I am wondering if the waning of the sun is doing the same to humans and increasing the propensity to multiply. Just a theory.

Anonymous said...

The number of East European immigrants having abortions at the Ascot has dropped as they age and have stable relationships.

Next please.

Lindsay said...

Thanks Anon, The biggest drop was in the 30-34 age bracket which accounted for 58 percent of the total. Does that tie in with your observation?