Friday, September 05, 2008

"Nats target school zoning"

Target it for what though? Abolition? A major revamp?

Neither. The answer is "tweaking".

[Anne Tolley] said zoning "certainly won't go altogether" under National, but "I think there is some tweaking we can do".

Archetypal Nat policy. To 'tweak'. Remove the 't' to reveal what their policies really are.


The ex-expat said...

Any property owner worth their salt in a grammar zone wouldn't vote for an abolition of zoning and these seats do tend to be in the 'blue ribbion seats.'

mojo said...

Now perhaps, just perhaps, if there hadn't been a massive growth in teacher training providers and funding based on eft points which relied on pass rates to retain ... that teacher training standards could have been retained at a really, really high level... that teaching would have remained as an important, status based occupation and that access to quality educatiuon would have been available to all ... not just those within certain zones ... Ohhh so comprehensively rogered.

Anonymous said...

As long as we have compulsory schooling, kids should be entitled to attend their local school - for that you need some kind of zoning system. Otherwise, "school choice" becomes "schools do the choosing".
Its not the system of designating home zones that's the problem - its the govt's and unions' loathing of choice and competition. Schools faced with high demand aren't allowed to grow to accommodate this, and so the useless schools are propped up by denying their students any alternatives.
Keep the zones. But add some voucher-type funding. Take control of school property away from the Ministry. And give parents some real meaningful benchmarked info on school performance so they can make informed choices.