Wednesday, September 12, 2007

BZP - banning more dangerous than using

National MP Jacqui Dean really does take the biscuit. She is fully aware of what banning BZP will do.

"We don't want to see this industry going underground, where backyard manufacturers operate without restrictions, and where the ingredients in pills are totally unregulated. New, untested, alternatives are reportedly already on the horizon. Potentially, that puts the public at even greater risk."

The existing and ongoing failure of drug law enforcement guarantees that the above is a sure fire development.

Thanks National.


Richard said...

It's great to see ACT taking a unified, sensible and just stance on this issue. I'm glad the party largely abandoned its conservative tendencies in 2005. :-)

MikeE said...

Whats disgusting is she knows that the ban will do, and then pushes for it.

MikeE said...

Check my blog for her latest outburst

bzpresearch said...
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