Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Are you depressed? Find out by going to Nanny's new website and taking the test.

I was alright until I discovered the website, part of a new $6.4 million campaign.

Now my feelings of irritability and frustration indicate I MAY NEED HELP.


pdm said...

What a dumb lot of questions.

Anonymous said...

According to them I am depressed.

what is depression?

Most of us feel sad, discouraged, or "down" once in a while, but for some people, this mood does not go away. When a person feels like this for a month or more, and it gets in the way of daily living, it could be depression.

If the answer is yes to questions in at least three of the following four categories, you may need to get help:

* 1. Behaviour
* 2. Thoughts
* 3. Feelings
* 4. Physical


* Have you stopped doing things you enjoy?
* Are you finding it hard to concentrate and get things done?
* Are you drinking alcohol and taking drugs to make you feel better?
* Do you find it hard to get up in the morning?

Feelings - do you feel like this most of the time?

* Frustrated
* Indecisive, poor concentration
* Disappointed


* Do you feel tired all the time?
* Are you unwell a lot or feeling run down?
* Do you have headaches or muscle pains?
* Have you put on or lost a lot of weight?

There is help - for further assessment please contact your family doctor.

* Call the Depression Hotline 0800 111 757
* Talk to a counsellor - see resources
* Click here for other options

What a load of horse shit.

Adonis said...

There's an aweful lot of bleeding heart mentality in the left, and yeah, it's horseshit. But depression is an illness, if anyone says they have complete control over the chemicals in their brain, they're kidding themselves.

That site doesn't tell anyone that they're depressed though. It says you could be depressed, and you *may* need help. The thing about depression is that the first thing to go is the thing you need to beat it: Free Will. It may come back, but then you think, "you know what, I'm fine now", and continue as if nothing happened.

There's a lot of stigma surrounding the issue, the bleeding heart mentality of the left doesn't help much, but then neither does the blatent ignorance of some in the right. What was inevitable was the solution employed to try and solve the problem, the most important word in the information era capatalist agenda, "Advertising"

Lindsay said...

Capitalism relies on the voluntary exchange of goods and services. Advertising is part and parcel of that process. This is not.

Brian Smaller said...

You may need help - of course what they don't say is that you can get a referral to a specialist shrink but the waiting list will be six months in which time you will have slit your own wrists because you are so depressed.