Monday, January 08, 2018

The Hollywood witch-hunt

Why am I so agitated by the campaign against sexual harassment building a head of steam in Hollywood, and elsewhere?

The question isn't a mere opener to a post. I put it to myself in order to write this.

I get some easy answers, for instance, I don't like any collectivism at all.

1/ Individuals should fight their our own battles and 2/ Aspersions should not be cast on non-offenders based on the class they occupy, for instance, all men are not rapists.

But it goes further.

Why are these participating women so hellbent on being victims? Hurt is a private matter for me, rationalised and resolved (if ever) at a personal level. (If ever) is a big deal. Maybe historical hurts should be left in the past, in context, and with regard to one's own contribution to the circumstances.

Contribution? But each and every accuser is a non-contributing angel... surely? If you believe that then you haven't lived.

But above all, feminism - which represented a longing for greater freedom when I was a teenager - has evolved into a grotesque PC witch hunt hellbent on robbing freedom from the rightly or wrongly accused. Contextual 'truth' is irrelevant.

If there is an individual who is exploiting and abusing you, walk away. If you are letting them, to further your own interests, then you are a collaborator. Don't sanctify your capitulation retrospectively.


Mark Hubbard said...

Your second to last paragraph captures everything that needs to be said perfectly.

Even witnessing the Golden Slobs second hand via Twitter was vomit inducing, the hypocrisy was so reeking.

All of these people are dreadful. No, I'm sure there's the odd good one, but, on the whole, that world and celebrity is a cesspit.

david said...


Its all rather bizarre. You get the suspicion that it is necessary to claim molestation least it becomes known that men don't find you desirable.

Barry said...

Good comments from Mark and Quite.

Johno said...

Yep. The meaningless, trite virtue signalling is making my stomach turn.

All these self-promoting hypocrites think they're just so wonderful because they put on a badge and a black frock and lecture us from their high horses. Perhaps instead they should look at themselves, and their decades of silence when they *all* knew bloody well what was going on. They're part of the system that produced this sick culture and were not only protecting it with their silence, but many of them will have actively taken advantage of it to get ahead.