Thursday, August 03, 2017

Will Jacinda dump the Greens?

This question must be crucial to the 72 hour deliberations about the next 7.2 weeks.

I reckon she's going to.

The MoU will be ripped up, but politely.


Mark Hubbard said...

You reckon?

You may be right. (Which would be great as Green's welfare policy is worst I've seen, ever).

But, Ardern is on record she wants a more progressive (regressive) tax system, so this might, unfortunately, play out she tries to beat Green's in the lolly scramble this dreadful election has become.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Outbid or dump?

You are possibly right. The big new to-be-announced Labour policy is apparently tertiary. Scrapping student loans?

But Labour needs to regain its status as the other major player. And that cannot accommodate alienating its older more conservative vote (bleeding to NZ First).

My musings. That's all.

Anonymous said...

I think she will too and rightly so. The Greens are getting attention for all the wrong reasons, and Labour is paying the price.

By the way, what's wrong with asking a woman what her family plans are? I don't get the objection to this!

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

There was no sign of it today. Precisely the opposite, in fact.

Joyce will have a grin from ear to ear.

Anonymous said...

Adolf is right. The reality is that Labour need the stinking dishonest Greens to have a hope of getting their hands on your money or having jobs for the comrades. Adern would swallow a dead rat for the cause and MT is just a bigger one than normal. Those gnashers will be useful at last.


Anonymous said...

The Greens - well Turei anyway - made a *strategic decision* a couple of weeks ago. They decided that Labour was f**ked, that the election was lost, so they had to do what they could to increase their vote share at the cost of Labour. That's why Turei gave her talk, outing herself as a bludger, calling Winston racist - both designed to get maximum publicity. Calling Winston racist has the advantage of driving voters from Labour to both the Greens (if they agree) or NZFirst (if they don't), thus again weakening Labour.

The next pool: Greens up 5%, Labour down 5%, Little down the gurgler.

Ardern's revenge: demanding Turei's head - or at least demanding Turei stand down from a possible cabinet.
The phrase "horse bolted" comes to mind. But the damage is done. Greens, Winston, and TOP are picking at the corpse of Labour.