Friday, April 14, 2017


Radio NZ has this cartoon up:

On the same page this headline appears:

A fine day after forecast chaos

Talking up the weather has become de rigueur. In Eastbourne, the 1968 site of the Wahine Disaster, the "worst storm since the Wahine Disaster" has come and gone with weather that was nothing short of unremarkable. Or would have been if I hadn't noticed this ironic juxtaposition.


Anonymous said...

Even our weather has become fake news (tsunami! rain!! wind...oh no!) and as a consequence the kids were worried when it suddenly rained slightly loudly. There can be no denying the increase in weather fear porn in the last few years.

At least the Met service is pretty on the money when it comes to predicting the level of rainfall which for me is the more important piece of info.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Agree. The rain radars are a great on-line facility.

Anonymous said...

Elderly friends showed me the cover of Thursday's Dom Post because of the wonderfully detailed weather map it displayed. What I saw was an impressionist painting that told me nothing reliable but some facts were revealed on the inside last page where some conventional weather maps with fronts and isobars were displayed in all their informative normalcy. Based on the two scientific maps hidden away in the dark recesses of the paper it was evident that the system was decreasing in strength and, in Wellington at least, you would not be courting death to drive to the shops that afternoon.