Friday, November 04, 2016

On Gareth Morgan (updated)

Gareth Morgan says he wants to free New Zealand from the grip of "career politicians". That's what is being reported.


If Labour was in power, I could understand the sentiment.

But at the moment the most powerful politicians in New Zealand are John Key, Steven Joyce,  Paula Bennett, Anne Tolley,  Chris Finlayson and  Judith Collins. None are career politicians. You may add others. I simply listed those who control portfolios I take an interest in.

I left out Bill English and Nick whats-his-name. They are careerists based on parliamentary longevity.

So is Morgan indicating he would (if successful) support the current government?

Ironically Andrew Little is saying, "Great to see him in our corner."

RNZ has a fairly good piece pointing out the likely direction of Morgan's policies. People should be aware that his Big Kahuna plan - essentially a Universal Basic Income - would make most single parents and Superannuitants poorer.


Don W said...

Is Gareth looking for a new hobby.? Does he have too much time on his hands.? Maybe he should get a real job earning an honest days pay for an honest days work.Perhaps he is too occupied with pussies.

Don W said...

The most powerful politicians,J Key,S Joyce,P Bennett,A Tolley,C Finlyson, J Collins. Who do they have power over. Us of course, us little people.Gov't is supposed to be of the people, by the people for the people. In truth we are their servants, they make the rules and we do as they want.

Anonymous said...

Gareth has made a common mistake in thinking getting rich makes him especially intelligent and worth listening to. I predict his party will be a flop.