Friday, November 04, 2016

Laws that run out of control

The government passed the Vulnerable Children Act in 2014.

The new legislation required every person who works with children to be police vetted - the existing workforce and periodically. I and others expressed concerns about this 'sledgehammer to crack a walnut' approach.

This is already causing problems hiring EEC teachers. The vetting process is taking too long requiring 23 staff, due to rise to 28. Now there is legislation afoot to allow the police to charge for the service.

Remember, the Act was intended to protect vulnerable children. But here's the latest piece of madness.

It requires that every person supervising an NCEA exam be police vetted for their safety.

Have there been any problems that would pre-empt this new requirement? Haven't people supervised NCEA and earlier exams for years without incident?

We live in  a country that allows, no, encourages children as meal tickets; that actively discourages responsibility for fertility by picking up the tab; and that actively demotes fathers. This is what leads to the abuse and neglect of children. And occasionally, the deaths of.


Anonymous said...

It seems to me that progressive thinking and social action leads to the freedom of behaviour that progressives want but when people inevitably stoop to the lowest common denominator allowed, the awful behaviour that results leads to the progressives pretending to be surprised and requiring laws be passed to limit the damage that was encouraged in the first place with the biggest impact by far being on morally aware people who would never harm a child with near zero impact on the disfunctional idiots that actually cause nearly all the problems. Madness.


paul scott said...

I read a comment from the BNZ economist Tony Alexander. He stated in his journal last week among other ludicrous attention grabbing stuff, that the Nanny State expired with Helen Clarke in 2008.