Sunday, August 21, 2016

Life expectancy by ethnicity - all are rising

JC just reminded me I had a couple more teed up to go.

Life expectancy isn't discriminating. It is rising across every ethnicity. The gain that Maori males and females have made is a real eye-catcher - all against a backdrop of colonisation, poverty and unemployment. Oh, have I got that right?

Figure H1.2 – Life expectancy at birth, by ethnic group and sex, 1950–1952 to 2012–2014

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JC said...

You have to decide what you are measuring here..

Is it better life outcomes from more restrained and wiser people or is it better life saving drugs given to a population now more willing to seek expert medical help?

The fact that obesity has dramatically increased in the last 30-40 years but fatal heart attacks and short life times have reduced indicates drugs may be the major factor.