Thursday, June 09, 2016

"...abuse and neglect inflicted on young children is a product of staggering levels of poverty..."

The soft bigotry of extreme socialists rears its ugly head in the following report from the World Socialist Web Site. It refers to the death of Moko Rangitoheriri:

"Thirteen children died in New Zealand during 2015 in similar circumstances. Their average age was three. Over half the victims were Maori, one of the most exploited layers of the New Zealand working class. In the final analysis, the abuse and neglect inflicted on young children is a product of staggering levels of poverty, social breakdown and family dislocation."
So, there is no self-will available to this "most exploited class"; no access to feelings of humanity or compassion; no intellectual escape from the exploitative oppression.

Individuals are mere puppets.

So how is it that within this "most exploited class" a massive majority do not beat and kill their children? What makes them different?

The socialist explanation for the horrors that occur to some children is utterly deficient.

Apart from that, the paragraph's statistics hail from this report which also notes,

The most common cause of death for a child was a head injury, followed by asphyxia, which includes suffocation, strangulation and carbon monoxide poisoning.
The circumstances of Moko's death were extraordinary. Protracted and unspeakable.


Mark Hubbard said...

And it goes back to your post of several days ago Lindsay: what causes that breakdown and social dislocation?

Solo parent, broken families made possible by (and guaranteeing) dependence on state welfare.

Anonymous said...

Yes, unspeakable is the word. And all the perps get is manslaughter. His life would have been sheer hell on earth, at the age of three. Begs the question, for eight long weeks, where were his mum and dad? I cringe when I read what he suffered. Can you imagine it, I don't think we can. I also think his parents are to blame, for not protecting their son.

Anonymous said...

The trouble with socialism is that its followers only see poverty in other people's money terms. Its poverty of spirit, ethics, morals etc ... that is the real problem.


Anonymous said...

Mark - not just "made possible by" but encouraged, promoted, advertised, paid for.

This is what welfare does - and the only solution is to stop welfare