Friday, April 08, 2016

CYF overhaul: crux of the matter overlooked again

Another voluminous  report into CYF; a long-winded ministerial response; multiple cabinet papers and a proposed radical overhaul promised

But when will the system that turns children into careless accidents or meal tickets be radically overhauled?

Because until then, none of these other investigations and re-inventions will matter a damn. There have been welfare reforms but the number of children being born into beneficiary families remains at the same level.

Of children born between 2005 and 2007 and known to CYF by age five:
 39 percent had mothers who had been receiving a benefit for more than four out of the last five years preceding their birth, and 60 percent had a primary carer who was receiving a benefit at the time of their birth,
 37 percent had a parent who had a criminal conviction in the five years prior to the child’s birth,
 69 percent had parents where there was a family violence incident attended by Police in the five years prior to the child’s birth, and
 36 percent had parents who were known to CYF as a child.

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j4d3 goat said...

I too agree that this restructuring of CYF is a complete waste of time. The "elephant in the room" (low-income parents having too many children that they can't afford to support) has been completely ignored.

If disincentives were brought in (for beneficiaries thinking of having another child) then that would have a huge effect on the number of children being born in poor families.
But no - as usual, this *gutless* government goes for shuffling the deckchairs on the Titanic. This restructuring won't make ANY difference to either the number of children in poor families or the number of abused children.

Anonymous said...

Wife went to another CYF meeting about the young lady we took in and custody of her child. She was far grumpier this time having prepared well. The meeting was a pointless shambles:
- You can't take notes or record anything.
- Nothing was going to change the current court order.
- There was no doubt that the mum and dad are fine with their child.
- There was plenty of doubt that grandma, who is the whole reason for this disaster and was given custody, is not fine with the child.
- Mum and dad are drug free (having been tested) but further tests are required.
- Grandma smokes pot and is a piss head (as well as a psychopath) according to affidavits from every one on the other side but no drug tests are required.
- Grandma is messing with grandchild's mind to push a sexual molestation claim against dad. Its so predictable its almost laughable.
- Grandma has made calls to various govt depts pretending to be someone else.
- The lawyers are consistently useless and are just doing it for the legal aid money. Mum has a new one who is a bloke and he seems far more sensible than the feminists (I googled them to confirm what I suspected) engaged so far.
- Grandma gets hers at the next court hearing as the lies and fraud are stacking up and cannot be ignored.

What waste of time. CYF staff are just shuffling paper and have no interest in resolving the matter. I'd deal to welfare to stop much of the nonsense at the top of the cliff and gradually bury CYF alongside their mistakes.

I can see why some parents go nuts.


I'd ma

Anonymous said...

Close down all welfare. Close down CYF too. Problem solved.

Paula said...

Lindsay and readers: do you know about the global protest against Norway's version of CYF (Barnevernet) this Saturday, 16 April? Read and weep. There is a protest planned for Hamilton.

Anonymous said...

Oh please. This Norwegian case is a ex-communist beat-up.
The parents are immigrant criminals and child abusers and don't deserve to keep their children.