Thursday, March 31, 2016

Now that's a scary thought

There probably are as many persons coerced into acting, not as they want, but as others want, through majority rule as through totalitarian dictatorship.

– John C. Sparks, The Freeman [May 1971]

(hat-tip FFF)


Redbaiter said...

This was written on Amazon (I think) as part of a book review.

"Roland Huntford's "The New Totalitarians" is a book far more prophetic than George Orwell's "1984". Written several decades ago, Huntford's book has accurately foretold the kind of "soft totalitarianism" that is overtaking the west today.

The Swedish model is that of a heavily taxed, bureacratic, totalitarianism in which "consensus" is achieved by ostracisizing dissenters, establishing unlegislated but very real thought and speech boundaries, compelling everyone to think alike and behave alike and discouraging individuality at every opportunity.

The situation has been made much worse by the blossoming of a psychopathic feminist movement with idiot females misdefining every concept from "rape" to you name it. The average Swede literally lives in a mental strait jacket."

I think that is an excellent description of society today in NZ and most of the West. I despise the bastards who have made it so, and who stand upon the watch towers of our culture to report the smallest degree of rebellion.

Anonymous said...

Lindsay - come on, far far more.