Monday, December 07, 2015

Good for David Seymour

Turning down significant ministerial roles to focus on what is really important - his voluntary euthanasia bill and his party - impresses me. In fact I don't think Seymour has put a foot wrong yet. Certainly not your typical snout- in- the- trough type.


Jigsaw said...

He has been unexpectedly effective. Well done!

Jamie said...

Still waiting for A Mans House Is His Castle laws David

Jamie said...

"The Hastings pensioner who fended off home invaders with a baseball bat says he has turned down protection offered to him by two rival gangs because he doesn't need it.

Harvey Whaitiri, 79, was attacked in his council flat in the suburb of Camberley at about 9pm on Monday.

He struck back against three teens trying to break into his house by hitting one of them across the head with a baseball bat.

Whaitiri says news of how he fended off the attack drew calls of support from the community on Wednesday, and offers of help from as far away as Australia.

People also visited the flat to check he was alright.

Whaitiri said he had been telling everyone: "Don't bloody worry about me, I'm alright".

The attackers "can come back if they want. It's a problem I'll sort out for myself," he said.


Come on David, you clearly have some skills, let's see you use them

Redbaiter said...

I disagree. Seymour is merely a run of the mill progressive with very few ideas (of significance) that differ from those held by John Key for example.

His views are light years away from the views of those who founded ACT.

In fact, that's really the main problem for the party. Its a vehicle for progressive values and therefore completely misnamed.

Seymour should push for a new name, and then the old ACT will be dead and buried and he will be free to pursue his post modern socially liberal policies without the ideological baggage of the Association of Consumers and Taxpayers.

OlderChas said...

I'm surprised the Police have not charged the old boy with use of offensive weapons, excessive force or some such. I mean - the kids were probably only armed with little knives - no chance against a great big softball bat!