Monday, November 09, 2015

Little shows how well-qualified for the job he is

Politicians in particular are creatures who use statistics to suit their own purposes. They have no compunction in spinning the worst scenarios when in opposition and Andrew Little is right up there.

According to the NZ Herald:

[Little] said 305,000 children were living in poverty.
He selected the highest number he could find. Technically speaking, in 2014 there were 305,000 children living in homes that were below 60 percent of the median equivalised household income after housing costs as measured by 'moving line'.

But you can bet that if Labour ever regains power they will very quickly start looking for the smallest numbers they can find. For instance 90,000 children are living in  households experiencing severe material hardship as measured by European Union standards.


Anonymous said...

At least Little cares, cause Key sure as heck doesn't. For him its all about selfies, popularity, flags and pandas. When has he done anything at all to stem the ever-increasing tide of child-poverty or to lessen the rich-poor gap?? Yeah, right. He's made things worse in every possible way. Helping out his rich mates, stomping on the rest.

Anonymous said...

There are absolutely zero kids living in real poverty in NZ - and that's a real, real, problem. Economically there should be at least 100,000 and more like 300,000.

Jigsaw said...

Anonymous at 3:41 is typical of the left in saying that garbage about John Key helping his rich mates and stomping on the rest. How can Key have such a majority if that were happening? It really does show how desperate the left are becoming in this country that they can think that if they repeat this stuff it will some how become a fact. Child poverty is not increasing but what is are the people who for some reason are apparently incapable of looking after themselves and have little of no idea of how to ventilate their houses to prevent mould. How come the very same houses a decade ago didn't have these problems?