Sunday, May 24, 2015

Odd inconstistency

The man convicted of murdering Blessie Gotingo has name supression. I recalled a very similar case in Hastings wondering if it could possibly be the same guy (as media commentators have hinted there will be an uproar when the supression is lifted.) On appeal the Hastings guy had his sentence reduced to 10 years (in 2001) but the ages don't match up. Neither do the images.

But something about the two photos below of the name-unkown convicted murderer caught my attention.

Photo 1

Photo 2

When did he get the nose job? Or perhaps someone had temporarily 'rearranged' his face in the top one.

The photos are also dissimilar because of the set of the mouth, but all the features match bar the nose.


As a portrait artist these details intrigue me. The top photo looks like a middle eastern man whereas the bottom photo looks distinctly polynesian.


Anonymous said...

You're half right Lindsay. But you haven't got the right guy or the right previous crime. They do look amazingly alike though.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Can you re-read my post and comment again? Dartelle Alder didn't look like the current subject.

Anonymous said...

Singapore doesnt have these kind of problems, especially not with murderers. A bit hard to reoffend when youve been hanged by a judge or shot by the cops.

Anonymous said...

Given his past conviction he may well have been beaten up in prison - and had reconstructive surgery? Just a thought.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Sorry - I see I didn't read your post properly. But there was a previous crime, and it was horrific, and it was known that there were elements of compulsion to his offending. I don't understand the point of continued name suppression now though - surely it is just delaying the inevitable?

Robert Anderson said...

That link has been on several blogs and it is well known to many. They write some very insight full stuff including the Mike Sabin affair.
Worth following.

It is offshore of course.
Unsurprised that you took it off.