Thursday, December 11, 2014

ACT still has the capacity to excite me

Alf Grumble has a post that is possibly satirical. Possibly deadly serious. Who knows with Alf and his 'constituents'. But good satire keeps the reader guessing. It's called,

Seymour should ask how many more votes ACT might get if it wasn’t so precious about corporate handouts

Alf  is apparently riled about David Seymour asking parliamentary questions regarding National hand-outs to business.

Yes. Seymour really did.

Businesses—Financial Support from Government 10. DAVID SEYMOUR (Leader—ACT) to the Minister for Economic Development: Is he concerned at the scale of corporate welfare in New Zealand under this Government; if not, why not?
Hon STEVEN JOYCE (Minister for Economic Development): I am always concerned about the scale and effectiveness of Government expenditure that I am involved in as a Minister, and in ensuring it is well spent. However, I do reject the rather pejorative term that was used in the member’s question.
David Seymour: Given that the Government has, among other things, invested in research and development, rugby games, railways, and yacht races, can he define anything that is outside the role of Government, or does he agree with former Prime Minister Helen Clark that the role of Government is whatever the Government defines it to be?
Hon STEVEN JOYCE: Well, there are a lot of things in life that the Government would prefer not to be involved in, but, nevertheless, the Government does have to balance economic and social considerations and so on. One of the examples that the member raises is the issue of research and development. I should think that that is a very important issue for New Zealand. Other members in this House spend quite a lot of time talking about the need to diversify the New Zealand economy. I (uncorrected transcript—subject to correction and further editing) happen to agree, and, as a result, this Government invests hugely alongside firms in building research and development innovation to ensure that businesses do diversify and that we get strong new industries like information and communications technology and high-tech manufacturing, which are actually growing very strongly in New Zealand now.
David Seymour: Supplementary.
Mr SPEAKER: Order! No, the member has two supplementary questions today and he has used those two supplementary questions.
If  'corporate welfare' is a "pejorative term" then so too must  'social welfare' be.

I said it before about Seymour. GUTS.


PM of NZ said...

ACT: The same excitement capacity as watching a dead cat bounce.

Jamie said...

I don't know much about this coporate welfare but I do know I voted for ACT based on their 'Mans House Is his Castle' Laws.

Our streets are not safe!!!

Still waiting for them to pony up on that,
Not holding my breath...

Jigsaw said...

I hear that question listening to parliament and it did make me perk up I have to say. Pity he didn't have another supplementary question left.