Monday, November 17, 2014

Roger Sutton - what the hell?

Read about the case in more detail here.

So in one corner we have society demanding men desist with violence, and all forms of sexual and emotional abuse and disrespect.

In the opposite we have society severely castigating and punishing a man whose harmless expressions of affection, eg addressing women as 'honey' and 'sweetie' and hugging them are deemed abhorrent and unacceptable.

Just exactly what do we want from men?


Mark Hubbard said...

Yes. And same seven days as the disgraceful, worse, pathetic, treatment of Rosetti scientist Matt Taylor. Identity politics beating the individuality out of all of us. I'm so angry this week.

Re Taylor:

Sutton's a good bloke: as his wife says, he's a touchy feely personality. No intent whatsoever for harm. Lesson to men is ... well, have nothing to do with the public service for a start.

Mark Hubbard said...

Sorry haven't finished yet.

Roger Sutton has been to a psychologist over having a loving, huggy personality. His speech on TV 3 had me in mind of a prisoner reciting a prepared speech so he's not taken out the back and shot afterward.

We're actually reprogramming men now because a woman - apparently just one individual involved - doesn't like being called sweetie, or hugged in greeting.

As I've been saying on Twitter, due to a strict upbringing I'm a prude, and don't particularly like being hugged, but Mrs H's mates tend to be huggy types and since they learned of my discomfort they make a point of hugging now :) It's called humour.

Today is beyond me.

What do these Marxist feminists want from men? I have no idea anymore. There is no notion anymore, and no celebration of difference.

One big bland land of bullshit. That's where we're headed.

Um, right, gotta do some work ;) To pay my ruddy taxes.

Mark Hubbard said...

Now there's a point.

I also have to work tonight because our financial position around our house in Christchurch is getting problematic as we try and achieve repairs. Yet for last seven weeks how much resource and money has been wasted on this nonsense pogram released on Sutton's head.

Right. Sorry. That's it. Work.

Perhaps a cup of tea first.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Shame you are alcohol-free on week nights Mark. Sounds as is you could do with something stronger than tea.

I agree. He sounded brainwashed. Which I don't get. If he wanted to fight for his job I might understand (though not condone) a capitulation to public service dictates. But he was resigning.

Wish you well with the house.

Mark Hubbard said...

Reading between the lines Mrs H thought he was so angry he's told them to shove the job, and is just saying what is expected to the press. But I don't think so: that psychologist, and according to Press today he's not been sleeping over the 7 week investigation (nor his kids) - how on earth was that investigation conducted? - so reckon a lot of today was sheer fatigue: he's burn out and there's nothing left anymore.

(One point Mrs H was prescient on, I suspect, was that his wife Jo looks very strong, and is probably keeping them going, and a cap on being furious.)

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Mr M, ever the pragmatist, says he did it 'cause he was thinking about his next job!

Anonymous said...

Oh its happened or hapeeniong or about to happen every where. Next the Police.
Not many organizations after that.

Women need to HTFU just as men get told to. No disrespect intended but frankly they have no God Given right to be offended. No one really cares.

They should have been around in the 60's and 70's. Then they would have matured their interpersonal relationships much better.

Manolo said...

The mind boggles. It really does.

Anonymous said...

If you are resigning you can tell the truth (without burning bridges by being stupid or offensive) so I think he's chicken. Maybe he wants another govt job?

Its annoying that the substance of the complaint in not known - how are we to learn what may be unacceptable by one woman for some reason? Still, the golden rule is don't touch, look at anything except eyes, talk about anything except work or make jokes.


Brendan McNeill said...

On the other hand....

At one level I have sympathy for Roger Sutton, at another level not so much.

You normally don’t get to be a Chief Exec of a major power company, or a State sector entity without knowing ‘the rules’ of common curtesy and common sense when relating to staff.

I don’t think it’s too much for women to expect their bosses to keep their hands to themselves. Not all women find it easy to push back against unwanted hugging from men, especially when they are your boss.

I wouldn’t like to be called ‘sweetie’ by my female boss, less so by my male boss! It’s demeaning and unprofessional.

You can be a larger than life personality without those unwelcome habits.

Roger is not the victim here, except perhaps of his own stupidity.

Jigsaw said...

Good heavens anonymous you might want to work in such an environment but there would be few who would. Punishment for eyes straying....loss of job. What riles me is that the woman whoever she is apparently gets away with it-who in their right mind would work with her? The other big problem is that I have just made a supposition based on what we are told and we are told so little -because of privacy considerations. This is becoming more and more common-we are told just so much and invited to make a judgement based solely on that but not allowed to know any more.
Did she complain to him? There are just so many things that are totally out of whack in this whole affair.

David said...

"What do we want from men?"
Quite simply "we" as you so eloquently put it (or more precisely a small cabal of progressive feminists) want to humiliate and belittle men and are hell-bent on reducing men to being an irrelevant footnote in the history of womenkind.
After all if you hold the view that women are indispensible but men are only sperm donors and need have no further role in the furtherance of the species, a cynical and sustained campaign of slighting, criticising, demonising and sneering at men probably comes naturally.
Trying to combat it is like herding cats or naming raindrops but resistance is definitely not futile.

Anonymous said...

Well the Muslims have it right it seems. The women do all the work while the men sit around talking.

Talking fishing walk up and down the Tongararo River quite often. Nearly all the fishermen are MEN. Dammed peaceful place to be.

Perhaps that tells us something.

Anonymous said...

Have to agree with Brendan:

Suggesting to young female staff that they participate in "visible G-string Friday".

Sutton made a sexually suggestive comment about Prime Minister John Key's wife, Bronagh, in the presence of the chief executive of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Andrew Kibblewhite.

How'd you feel if your boss did that?

The investigation upheld the complaint but did not require Sutton to resign - presumably they just told him to grow the f**k up. Now he's thrown his toys out of the pram and is going "poor me" all over the news.