Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A logic problem for you

Grant Robertson gets three times as many votes as Andrew Little from the caucus, and he gets well over a third of the members vote while Little manages only a quarter.

The unions give Little three times more votes than Robertson but the unions are only half as important as either the caucus or the members.

If this were a logic problem and you were asked to deduce the winner from the above information what would the answer be?


Anonymous said...

As much as we love gays because they are the same / different we really want a heterosexual Robertson rather than a time trapped shop steward.

Labour is like a mythical beast - you can't quite kill it because you can't chop off the head when it doesn't really have a head.


Anonymous said...

The unions, because they pay the pipe & call the tune.

tranquil said...

I'm glad that Little won because he comes across as a pretty unlikeable guy. It gives the Nats lots of ammo for a "unions control Labour" campaign too.

I can't see Little winning over Chris Trotter's "Waitakere Man".
Hard to see him making any headway at all.